• August 24, 2016
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As a nation we have been worried about the state of our national security. With the emails of DNC and some believe even the Secretary of State hacked and with allies like turkey turning towards Russia for joint actions against ISIS, we are losing ground all over the world. Our backing of Pakistan has backfired with Pakistan taking us for a royal ride. The two candidates are being judged on the issue of National security too.
The question that we asked was who is better for National security. On this question we see that the rhetoric by Donald Trump seems to be working well. The overall figures were quite revealing about how one sided the feeling was with almost 74% people voting for Donald Trump. In the swing states Iowa went in favor of Hillary Clinton and New Hampshire tied the two candidates together but overall Trump lead Hillary in all other states.
Shirley Skipper from Indiana says, “Trump will do a much better job and will be honest with us. If Hillary was elected all she has to do is put it on her computer for everyone to have. She can't even be honest with people who they believed in. We do not need a president who is tarnished as bad as she is.”
“Hillary is the only one that would be able to get the job done. Get rid of the Republicans in Congress and the Senate then Democrats could enact laws that would secure the borders, sort out Immigration and start enacting meaningful gun laws, like background checks for everyone, country wide.” Said Chris Wilson from Jacksonville, Florida.
A lot of our votes were, however, based on rhetoric and it showed in the reactions we received. On the whole, if we take a good cross section of the American Voters today, the issues seem to take a back seat and it is more about rhetoric.
Donald Jeringan from East Brewton, Alabama said, “I sure hope all Hillary supporters know how to fight for their lives because they are if Hillary gets elected it will be a lawless society over run by sharia law rape .murder will be rampant.”
And a democrat supporter Jean Frio from Illinois said, “Hillary!!! Trump and the GOPs have caused more hate and going out of their way to make people hate all difference races. GOPs laugh at Hillary when she said we need more love and kindness ( the GOPs think Hillary's statement made her weak, NOT TRUE it makes her a stronger caring president, Hillary can handle anything, one cool headed even temper strong caring POTUS !!”
So, there is a lot of rhetoric in the air. And the results are here to see.
Overall Trump lead Hillary 74 to 26 among the 716 votes that were polled for this question. Based on the comments received, the constant assurance from Hillary that everything was alright was going against her. People saw a disconnect between what they were seeing and what Hillary was saying. Since there is ample fear in the minds of the people already, the statements of Donald Trump resonated better with the common man.
In the swing states, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire were big gainers for Hillary where people believed her better than Trump. This trend was in line with what the major polls are showing but given teh anonymity of the poll, more people came out in support of Trump in the other swing states. North Carolina for one saw 84% people voting for Trump.
In the top 10 responding states where the sample size was the maximum, we were able to see a clear trend of Donald Trump being supported. Georgia, with heavy polling gave 90% support to Donald Trump! This was a trend that was quite significant.
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