• August 3, 2016
  • 2015
California, Aug 3, 2016. Americans are wearier, it seems, of the establishment than either of the major parties are ready to admit. A recent survey that was conducted on the website vote.us.org got a slightly unprecedented report for DNP and GOP. There were three questions asked and answered in the course of this study.
“Should Libertarian Candidate Gov. Johnson be included in the presidential debates?”
This was a Yes/No question which engaged 16411 people and the results showed that people were wholeheartedly in favor of Gary Johnson being included in the Presidential Debates. As many as 97 percent of all who polled were in favor of Gary being on the debate platform. The views expressed were quite logical and not as many that with just rhetoric.
Jeff Heller from Harrison, Michigan put it rather simply, “If they are on the ballot in all 50 states and/or have the potential to be elected by the Electoral College, then why wouldn't they be allowed in the debates?”
Jessica Davis from Las Vegas, Nevada was a little more elaborate in her comment and lamented the situation that has been brought on by the two-party system. “All presidential candidates should be included in the debates. For so long it has only been about R and D that so many don't even know that there are MANY other parties out there. The two party system is rigged and broken. Also, for all of you claiming Gary has just miraculously came out of the woodwork for this presidential race please do some research on your country?”
“Who of The Three is the Most Trustworthy?”
This was the second question that saw 25978 people engaged and out of all those voted. This was a landslide for Johnson Polling 76% of the votes and Trump polling 14% to Hillary’s 11%. At any given point the Trust quotient of the two major candidates has been on the lower side and this has made it easier for the third party candidate inch in closer to the mainstream.
The people spoke about the issue with venom against one of the other candidate and in the end voted for a third party candidate. So, this has come out more as a negative vote for the two candidates.
Christy Miletello Melchor from Conroe, Texas said, “Gary Johnson for sure. He's also the only one with any experience actually running a government.”
This showed the trust was not just about an emotional factor but also about Gary’s experience as an administrator. He was a widely liked governor and left his state in a state if surplus.
Helen Brooks McFarland from Summersville, West Virginia spoke, “Being trustworthy is very important. I saw Johnson on Bill Maher and he was/ is refreshing. All candidates say what they figure will get the votes whether they believe in what they're saying or not; so, it can be difficult to sort through the crap to get to what you perceive as real and genuine. It's a crap shoot so most of the time you end up going with your gut feeling and hope you made the right choice. And as far as trustworthy, I think there was only one of those guys and he's been gone a while - say maybe 2000 years!”
There were people who reminded the forum of what Barack Obama told about Hillary in 2008 - “She will say anything to get elected.” The problem with being in the national focus for such a long time has clearly worked against both Hillary and Donald.
“Who Among Following Will Keep National Interest Above Personal Interest?”
It is important this year that we have a president who is not ruled by the interest groups. We should thank Bernie for bringing it on the fore of this election. Now, as we have the three candidates in all the 50 states, we concentrated on this narrative and asked our responders who will be most selfless President.
This question engaged 2214 people and 61% of them voted for Gary Johnson while Hillary got 20% of the votes and Donald 19%. The comments on the poll were diverse in their reasoning.
Russell Guest from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania said, “Gary Johnson is the best choice to ensure equal rights and preserve freedoms and civil liberties for all Americans.”
On the other hand Derek DeVerney of Mount Pleasant, Michigan said, “Gary Johnson was a Two-term Governor of New Mexico. So at least he has chops running a state. Neither Clinton or Trump have been Governors of a State.” So, again a vote for his tenure as someone who ran a state.
There are many who do not want to want to vote for wither and find Gary a mid way guy who is more acceptable than either the left or the right. Sara Gray of Missoula, Montana was inspired enough to look up Gary Johnson and decide based on what he stood for. “I have always considered myself to be a Democrat, but I can't imagine voting for Hillary. And I am definitely not voting for horrible Donald. So, when I heard of Gary Johnson I went to his website and read it. Then I watched a lot of videos of him and he is definitely my choice! Gary Johnson any day of the week!!”
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