• October 6, 2016
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One can argue that people do not trust Hillary Clinton but is it just another escape? Is it that it is easier to answer in the negative when asked to stay mainstream? It is mainstream today to oppose the establishment and she is as establishment as she can be. There is no doubt in the minds of people that she had something to hide in her emails. Wait. That is not the end of it. On a poll conducted by vote.us.org on their website when asked if they trust Hillary Clinton, a total of 70% of the 3422 respondents said that they did trust her. It could be because of the comparison they run with Donald Trump in their mind.
In the swing states we polled 1133 people and she was trusted by most of the people. Colorado was especially favorable as always by polling 82% in her favor. Ohio, where she has not polled so well historically in vote.us.org poll, she got 68% and she polled 62% in North Carolina, where her winning is quite important. Looking at this we can say she is quite comfortable in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado and Nevada. She is struggling a little in Ohio, Iowa and New Hampshire ahs she needs to work real hard in North Carolina.
The 10 states where we had the most respondents had her trustworthiness working for her except in Texas and Ohio. In Texas she was especially weak at just 64%, but considering that this is a Republican state there is not too much to worry about there. The place where she must be careful is Ohio. As we wrote earlier, this is one state where she is on the edge and we will eagerly how she tackles the issues at hand.
Here are some of the reactions of the people who voted in this poll.
Dianne Dubois From New Britain, Connecticut spoke for her and said, “I trust Hillary 100%. The reason Trump continues with his lies and deceit is because the Republicans and the Media enable him. I am so fed up with the double standard against Hillary. Republican men are scared to death of strong women like Hillary.”
Ted DeLelys from Upstate New York found her untrustworthy and he spoke such, “Hillary is not only un-trustworthy, she is a criminal and dangerous human being, she doesn’t care about he America people nor does she care if she pawns their lives to help herself. She will destroy this country and she will lie, cheat and kill innocent people along the way.”
Kenneth Wilson For the twentieth time. YES! My God, what do we not know about her. For twenty plus years she has been front and center. She has been investigated, questioned openly and publicly before the people and Congress. Trump has all the secrets. From his taxes, frauds, lawsuits, rapes that he is going to an actual trial for. He's been further in the system than Clinton has.
Some people also talked about the third party candidates too. Kristofer Wempa, from “They are both terrible and there's no way I could vote for either of them. I'm going with Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. They actually have intelligent things to say and have not been involved in any scandals.”
This elections might be polarizing but more than that there is a silent majority for both candidates. This poll shows that she has much better likeability rating than mainstream media would have you believe.
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