• September 8, 2016
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Finally the debate commission has come up with the names of the panelists who will moderate the Presidential Debates. NBC news chief anchor Lester Holt will moderate the first scheduled presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
ABC’s Martha Raddatz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper are doing the second and Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace the third.
Out of the four only FNC employed Chris Wallace is anything near a non-threat to Donald Trump. Even at that, Chris is known to call a spade a spade and Trump, as per his detractors, has too many chinks in his armor even to face an impartial Chris.
While Trump has been accepting of the panel and has gone on record saying that he was respectful of the panelists and would attend all three debates, his fans are not really enthused with the names. Perhaps they were looking for Hannity in the list.
When we asked the question, 72% responded by saying that they thought that the panel would not be fair to Trump. Only 28% believed that the panel would be fair to Donald Trump. This also shows that Trump can get away with losing the debates, which is tough to do because Hillary generally comes off as insincere when she goes unscripted and has a tendency to say something like – “Since I said it, there is no real reason to doubt it.”
Trump has been too lose with his words and his suggestions to be taken seriously on most of the topics if we also include his flip-flops and his tendency to speak only that which will get him applauses.
Swing States
In the swing states with the exception of Wisconsin where the votes were even on both sides, every other swing state thought that the panelists will not be fair to Trump. This means that they are going to attribute a little of his failure in the debate to the unfair advantage that Hillary has with her “surrogate” journalists moderating two of three debates. This is an opportunity for Donald Trump to come out looking better than he performs. His surrogates can attribute his failures on the partial moderators. Ohio came up as a surprise where despite the polls from major agencies showing Trump trailing, most of our polls put Donald comfortably ahead of Hillary. Donald Trump got support from 93% of respondents in Ohio. Even if Kasich remains passive for the sake of the GOP, we can predict that Trump will prevail over Hillary there.
Top 10 States
Going by the 10 states that had the maximum respondents, we can safely say that Trump will play the victim card, if he is smart, in case he does not do too well in these debates. California will always be a trouble spot for Trump, despite his connection to the city. Even on the polls where the issues are in his favor, the voting is generally negative for Trump on vote.us.org. On this issue California voted 57% for Trump. He will prevail in the debates if he just comes off the stage without looking unsympathetic and without attacking anyone but Hillary Clinton.
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