• August 26, 2016
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In this Poll we brought on the question of qualification. Despite all the outcry about Donald Trump’s lack of fitness for the office, there was enough evidence to suggest that people still believed he was fit enough to serve in the white house. 72% respondents believed that Trump was more qualified for POTUS. This could be stemming from the fact that our country needs more of fiscal direction and toughness on terror than ever before.
Riding on the issue of terror Donald Trump was able to get people really go for him. Most of his followers were concerned about the Muslim immigrants and it is an issue that the Democrats will have to address sooner than later to make themselves more acceptable to the voters.
“No Contest-Trump is the best qualified! Crooked Hillary should be in jail-what a disgusting crooked jerk she is! Can't believe anyone would vote for this person who put the safety of our country at risk, worked with our enemies, wants to bring in more Muslims and Syrian refugees, open borders and will continue Obama's policies!” said Glenda Ely from Hudson, Florida
Hillary’s trust issue also came through in some of the answers. As Richard Lefvre from Boothbay, Maine said, “It WOULD be Hillary if it weren't for the fact that she's a criminal unfit for office...OH wait, this is America, where the system is so corrupt that someone like Hillary can not only escape justice, but will likely be our next President.” And Richard is a Bernie supporter.
Phyllis Ryhard of Lexington, Kentucky was more vocal in her support for Trump “No choice here, you have a crooked to the core politician that could not even figure how to do email, but instead leaves us wide open for blackmail from a foreign source, one who took a country like Libya who had given up WMD and decided she wanted another leader, so now ISIS has another base, she got four people killed over her judgement, we have a Senator from NY that made no laws, a First Lady that cried right wing conspiracy while she channeled Eleanor Roosevelt, one who was fired from Watergate because of dishonestly, then you have a billionaire business man that did work all his life and you all ask who is more qualified.....is this a joke question??”
So, the key takeaway was that Hillary untrustworthiness is what is making people gravitate towards Trump. Many comments were just anti-Hillary and not pro-Trump.
Out of the 1789 votes that were casted 72% were casted in favor of Donald Trump and it was almost a sweep for the Republican Presidential Candidate. On an issue that was seen as going in favor of Hillary Clinton, this turned out to be a result that no one anticipated.
Donald Trump polled heavily in the swing states and it was almost a landslide with the closest Hillary coming to Trump in swing states was in Nevada where she polled 40% of the total votes polled in the state.
Among the 10 states that polled most heavy, Hillary Clinton polled well in New York where she polled 44%. Apart from that the trend remained of trump leading Hillary.
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He is not going to amount to much, sadly.