• August 26, 2016
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People see a world that is increasingly escalating towards war and terrorism. So, we asked a question that would tap into the insecurity and see how both the candidates appealed to the masses when it came to this basic appeal. This question was based on rhetoric rather than on a given issue.
This was to see who among the two would find more takers of rhetoric. The winner was Donald Trump. In this the overall voting was in favor of Donald Trump by 60-40. Hillary was really not able to garner much support but for her to even poll at 40% on a Rhetoric that is so heavily tilted in favor of Donald Trump and his message to an increasingly uneasy population.
Major change was seen though in Swing states where Hillary took Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire away from Trump. This was a major takeaway from these where we see that Hillary has a base that is ready to make the swing states go her way. Should that happen she is the President for sure.
The comments on this question ranged from one end to the other.
“Hillary will fight and has fought for health care, gay rights, national security, and protection and provision for those in the armed services. Trump will treat the Presidency as another notch in his belt or an opportunity to help change regulations to get richer.” Said Steven George of St. Marys, Georgia.
Judy day from Chelan, Washington seconded his stand and said, “Hillary has fought for the people all her life; children, families, vets, elderly...Hillary fights for the people.... trump is totally for trump and big business. So, the correct answer is Hillary.”
“Donald Trump for president the only chance America has stop the corruption in Washington limit terms to Congress.” Said Johnny Stewart of Claremore, Oklahoma.
Sue James of Mississippi said, “I'm not giving up. Fight to the last breath. I have a child and grandchildren to think of. I don't have so many days left but I can't rest knowing what they will face with Hillary.”
Among the 10 states where we saw the heaviest polling California went to Trump 51-49 and Ohio went to him 52-48 while Hillary took Pennsylvania 52-48 and these three states showed how close the race was. Michigan went with Hillary and she polled 57 to trump's 43. These were some take away. More information available on request.
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