• August 25, 2016
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We asked a question ahead of the debates if Hillary will be able to win the debates or if trump will Triumph.
This stems from the fact that Trump is not ready to debate Hillary unless some of his conditions are met. This law required that candidates in national elections must have equal exposure in the media. During the 20th century, candidates used the equal time provision to their advantage. By refusing to debate, any candidate could effectively cripple a proposed debate. Certainly, there was a measure of bad press associated with turning down an invitation to debate. But bad press is better than bad television exposure any day of the week, as the Nixon showing in 1960 had taught. Furthermore, exploiting the equal time provision became a tool favored by front-runners in an election cycle. Bad press from a refusal to debate is far outweighed by the potential harm provided by debating a rival candidate who may have a good showing and possibly sway millions of voters.
So, with this background already in place due to the posturing of Donald Trump, the respondents were more than enthusiastic to voice their opinion.
Overall Hillary wins the poll 55 to 45. The total number of respondents are 590 and they were spread over 48 states of USA. Hillary Clinton was favored as perceived to be dominant in debate by the people. In the swing states Hillary lead all the way with her most emphatic win coming in Colorado and closest fights in Florida and Pennsylvania. Few states that despite all went to Trump were Ohio and Georgia.
Linda Beynon from Salt Lake City, Utah aid, “Based upon Trump's performance in the primary debates, I don't think anyone can actually debate him. He doesn't have arguments or discuss issues. He just insults, brags and shouts nonsense. She is much smarter, better informed and more civilized than he is, but he will destroy the format and just be an a**.”
“He won't debate, and if there's a chance he shows his orange face, he will huff and puff and make a grand exit off the stage saying the debate was "rigged". Do you actually expect anymore than this from Dump? He's already said the debates are opposite NFL games, and he doesn't want to debate on those dates. It will just be another screaming, name calling match (for the orange buffoon).” Said Mary Brueland from Concord, North Carolina
A lot of name calling went into the explanations put forward by the followers.
“Nope, she can't debate on policies, jobs, economic growth, and she surely can't debate on her record. All she's got is trying to malign Trump. I think Trump will demolish her. Hillary is not a debater.” Said a Trump supporter Robert Rush from New Site, Alabama.
Media bias is also being discussed in this regard. Phil Hayes of Orlando, Florida said, “I think that Trump is going to destroy her in the debates. This will be the turning point in the election that puts Trump over the top. Since the debates will be live, there will be no bias by the bought and paid for Liberal media while the two are debating. Of course, the media will spin it afterwards but intelligent people will be able to realize what really went on.”
While trying to understand if the war of rhetoric is taking shape we can look at a comment that echoes what President Obama said - “Hillary is going to blast him out. Hillary is the most qualified candidate ever and she's going to do right by us and won't take our money and she won't leave us out in the cold like Mr.Trump. Hillary 2016.” This comment was given by Julie Mae Hostetter from Staunton, Virginia.
Out of the 590 respondents 55% were of the opinion that Hillary would do better than Donald Trump in the debates and has quite a strong feeling about it as is evident from the comments given above.
In the 10 votes which we had the heaviest polling, Hillary lead comfortably and only Ohio and Georgia voted in favor of Donald Trump. Hillary had strong leads in states like California, Washington and Illinois , where she polled in the 70s and Donald stayed in the 20s.
The swing states showed closer results for Donald with leads in Ohio, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Nevada. While the polling were close in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina; Colorado and Iowa went strongly in favor of Hillary Clinton and Nevada went strongly in favor of Donald Trump.
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