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How misinformed, how gullible and how stupid (or Moron) do you have to be to believe that Jeff Lord can be praised for anything other than staying quiet at all times. Well, I wanted to ask that of Donald Trump the Fake President. I could not because...Read this

This is not a complex question as many would have you believe, it is a rather simple issue. People of California feel that they do not have too many shared values with the rest of the US. They can hardly be considered guilty for feeling like this. ...Read this

For the last three weeks, Hilary has been running from pillar to post and being welcomed, thanked and felicitated by liberal activists like late night show hosts, Hollywood elites, Democratic party Public relations team namely the Liberal Media and ...Read this

Clifford Levy, the Deputy Managing Editor of NY Times, overseeing their digital platforms is a man with a great sense of humor. Yesterday he tweeted where he referred the writers at NY Times as Journalist. The most commendable thing about this tweet...Read this

Ben Affleck has not been perceived as the most "family" man in the last few years with his cheating on Jennifer Garner (really?). He had a fling with his children's nanny and he has been accused of having roving eyes. Well, roving eyes are not illeg...Read this

Donald Trump tweeted in the morning to start a small storm in the teacup. He went on twitter and tweeted the following: "With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad fo...Read this

Today Donald Trump Jr. (Spawn of Devil as we refer to him in the office or simply 'The Spawn') went on to twitter today and attacked Hillary Clinton for not speaking out sooner on the Harvey Weinstein murk. Well, he should make up his mind. One one...Read this

Jake Tapper took to Twitter last night and attacked Michael Jackson in a tongue-in-cheek post that would have been acceptable in any other environment except this toxic one we live in. Gone are the days when we would take a statement in our stride a...Read this

The autumn break has further complicated the as yet troubled Presidency of Donald Trump. With no victories in health care and on the immigration front, he has turned his focus on the one issue where he thinks he can have a relatively easy victory - ...Read this

Why is our community at the lowest rung of social strata? Why is that we are not doing any better despite more opportunities than ever before? Is it racism that is keeping us down? Can we really blame everything wrong with our community on external ...Read this

Donald Trump is a petty man with a long memory and no sense of proportion when it comes to attacking back. He can fight matchstick with napalm and this might be the case of Pharma Industry. Merck CEO Ken Frazier has resigned from President Donald T...Read this

Donald Trump has made a lot of people mad by simply saying that each country should pay its fair share when it comes to NATO expenses. While, as always, he could have given the statement with a little more background and a little less bravado, was h...Read this

New York mayor Bill de Blasio has started a campaign to get rid of all the hateful symbols on the street that may hurt sentiments of ethnic and religious minorities. People have asked him to start with the name of the State and the city which celebr...Read this

Donald Trump is unconventional, to say the least. He has his own way of communicating and he has his own sensibilities. There is very little that can be said about him which conforms to the definition of Politically correct. Yes, he has done a lot ...Read this

The exit of Steve Bannon is perhaps the most significant development of Trump presidency. No matter what has happened till now, this is arguably the point of inflection so far as the direction of the white house goes. All the noise about Russia, wh...Read this

Finally after an agonizing wait for more details on the Barcelona attack is over. The man driving the car has been named and he is the brother of Driss Oukabir, a 28-year-old Moroccan. The name of the drive is Moussa Oukabir and he is just 18 years...Read this

There is too much hate on either side. Just as there can be no justification for extremist behavior on the right, there should not be a normalization of hate coming from the left. Yesterday a bizarre but true thing happened. Missouri State Senator ...Read this

History is a great teacher, they say. History repeats itself, they say. History has a tendency to be unkind to losers, they say. What we are seeing in America is a "blackalsh" against the symbols of slavery that are still around. But, it is only ag...Read this

There are many statues across the United States that are an affront to the African-American community. Do you know that you celebrate salve owners and must have at least one of their photographs in your house? Take out your fifty dollar bill and loo...Read this

As per reports coming in, there is a hostage situation in the city of Hilversum. Information as of yet is still sketchy but we do know that a woman has been taken hostage by an armed gunman in the building used by radio station 3FM. Dutch police are...Read this