Donald Trump: A President Without A Party

Donald Trump just opened a can of worms when he went after Mitch McConnell and those who were taken by surprise by this move of Trump have not been following things too closely. In order to understand the current state of affairs, we have to go back to Donald Trump's political affiliations.
Till 1987 he was a card carrying Democrat which means that through most of his formative years he was a liberal and it shows in his personal life and his belief system of the time too. He was a typical Hollywood Liberal elite (although on the other coast).
Since then he has changed his party affiliations repeatedly. He, if at all, is a Democrat because that is the party he has spent most of his life in - 49 years to be exact!! But that is now how he got elected. He got elected as a Republican to the White House and since then he has been trying to find out what is the best way to get a purchase from the Washington swamp!!
When he started his run for POTUS, it was a novelty, a news making event that brought TRP to television channels and that which made people laugh on a man they thought was thumbing his nose at the establishment. People voted for him to give a wakeup call to the politicians and then by the time Primaries were over, Trump started giving messages that meant a great deal to the people who were essentially forgotten by Republicans between elections and ignored by Democrats even during election season.
So, going into the Republican convention, Trump has already defeated all the GOP challengers but GOP itself was a challenge that Trump had not defeated. Till the very last moment, John Kasich and Ted Cruz along with Jeb Bush tried hard behind the scenes to get Trump disbarred from being the Republican candidate.
Once he won the presidency, he had one great challenge - How to communicate with the elected GOP politicians? Although he had Pence, his deputy, to work the corridors of power, he needed another individual to make his team look more Republican than independent. That person was Reince Priebus, the man meek enough to be controlled by Trump and connected enough for helping Trump's agenda - or so Trump thought.
Trump was right on one account - he was a meek individual who stayed in the background and let the "Independent" contractors like Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner run the show. What he guessed wrong was how much Priebus could influence the Senators and members of the Congress. One after another defeat made Trump realize that even if his intentions were the best, he could not get any purchase from the swamp.
Trump sat down and assessed the situation - Even with Priebus he was not getting any help from GOP. He felt like someone who had neither the backing of GOP nor the Democrats. So, carrying Priebus around was useless. His firing of Reince was his divorce from the GOP. He has finally accepted that Washington does not make deals, it carries out agenda. It does not work for success for projects, it works for success in the eyes of the voter group. He still has to learn that if he packages the immigration ban as a Step for Protection of the African-Americans he might be able to sell it. He has to package his health care bill in such a manner that anyone opposing it looks either a racist, a sexist or a homophobic. If he does that he will be able to get it passed. Otherwise, as a President without a party, he can do little to serve the people who are happy being used and not served.
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