Russia Is A Dead Issue As 68% Respondents Say In An Online Poll

When asked the question “Do you think Donald Trump Jr. exposé confirms Russia collusion story?”
People voted 68% dismissing the allegation of collusion as just a figment of imagination. More revealing were the comments that came on the question.
Primarily people are tired of listening about it day in and day out. The channels like CNN are doing a disservice to their cause by making it look more like persecution and less like prosecution. One of the respondent was quite vocal in his disgust.
Bob Haag: I'm not sure about everyone else but I for one, am so sick of hearing about Russia. The Trump family knows that all the news stations want to talk about is Russia and Trumps. If I was that family I would focus on anything else and not give the news keep going after the Trumps on it. Every day in and out that's all you hear about.
The phenomenon of “nationalism” also saw a representation in many reactions. One of the reaction read as follows:
Phyl Reynolds Condon: I don't care about Russia. We live in America and need help w jobs and taxes. Congress needs to care about our States not a foreign country. Help our economy and Trump all of us. Otherwise get out of office.
Apart from defending Trump, many went on an offensive on the liberal leaders too.
Kristy Carter: Why heck no. This wasn't collusion, collusion is when you sell uranium to Russia or load a whole airplane with unmarked bills headed for Iran. Or wire tapping innocent people for political gain and setting up a home cooked server to send and receive Classified Emails on of which the 44th President was a part of. Here is another form of collusion and obstruction the former President C. waiting on the tarmac for Lorreta Lynch to have a talk about their "grandchildren" lol, tell us more about this Russian Lawyer..
The obstructionist ways of Democrats also featured heavily on the discussion forum.
Robert McAnallen: This is more nothing about nothing ! Let this f**k*n* s**t go congressional democrats and start doing your jobs! A Trump family member had a meeting with an attorney that was Russian who cares what they talked about or whether he made the meeting public knowledge!! Stop all this witch hunting and get to work!! Stop wasting our tax dollars on personal agendas to overthrow the legally elected POTUS!!
Many aspects of the ongoing discussions found convergence in many comments and one such comment read as below.
Steve Miller: After reading the emails between members of the Trump campaign, I believe that they had no other choice than to meet with the woman to verify her information. Any political management team would have done the same opposition research if presented with an opportunity to meet with a party who purported to have details of the opponent colluding with a hostile foreign power, something she had already been accused of as US SOS in the uranium deal. There is no evidence that the Trump team gave the Russian woman classified information, and the result of the meeting was that her information was unreliable. This is a non-story in my opinion.
The attacks on Obama administration also made a large part of the reactions.
Lon Davison: But not the previous administration? "After the election I'll be more flexible" - Barack Obama. Hillary's uranium deal? Bill's hefty speaking arrangement? Hey, I'm still pissed off over Obama's releasing terrorists, giving billions to Iran - which is now funding North Korea's missile program, and support of ISIS. So, don't talk to me about what some "believe".
It is clear that the campaign by media has been largely ineffective in changing the public opinion. Russia is a dead issue for the masses but not for the media. It is time to move on to issues that matter.
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