President Trump's Management Style Is Worst: CFO’s

Since Trump took office, no one is satisfied under his Presidency. His decisions always created controversies. From common people to corporate executives, all are “pissed off” by Trump. But nowadays, his devilish behaviour reached the heights and people started talking against him. Even chief financial officers of various companies could not stop themselves from flashing their viewpoint about Trump.
On asking various chief financial officers of some of the world's largest companies about President Trump's management style, the response was very brutal.
Shockingly, out of the 39 CFO’s who filled the survey about the management style of the Trump, only 4 responses were positive. This is a real shame for Trump.
The most popular answer, mentioned by four CFOs, was "Chaotic," and "Chaos" was named once separately as well. Three other words got two responses apiece: "Erratic," "Reckless," and "Unpredictable."
Among the other terms used to describe Trump's management as president:
"There are no words"
It clearly shows that many organization and management experts have been unimpressed with Trump's leadership style from the beginning.
However, After the New York Times consulted several such experts a few weeks into Trump's presidency, this was the consensus opinion:
Thus far, the Trump administration is a textbook case of how not to run a complex organization like the executive branch.
One of the experts, Columbia Business School professor Adam Galinsky, offered this caveat on how confidence translates to leadership:
"I think we are attracted to confidence, but I think eventually that confidence has to be connected to actual performance."
Well, this clears all the doubts about the Trump and his management style. He is such a loser, moreover, he is leading in the race of most “Hated” man.
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