This Is How Trump Showed His Level Of “Illiteracy”

Donald Trump, US President, is leading in the race for the award of the most incompetent person in the history of US Politics. His foolish decisions are going to impact American lives long after he has left the office, But, come on, calling Trump an “Illiterate” is not wrong. He may know how to read and write but not too well, it seems. Well, maybe a few grammatically inclined Americans may want to kill themselves after knowing what President did after the speech he delivered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
On Friday, Trump delivered a speech at a rally regarding the eliminations of the restrictions on the American Energy. He said-
“We have eliminated restrictions on the production of American energy,” Trump said at the rally. “We have ended the war on clean, beautiful coal. And we are putting our miners back to work.”
But things changed after the video promotion which he posted on Facebook later in the day.
The video’s creator seems to have fallen victim to a classic case of homophone confusion, writing that the White House is “putting our minors back to work” instead of writing “putting our miners back to work”.
The gaff did not go unnoticed on Social Media, where Trump supporters and detractors joked about the typo. Making fun of Trump, Facebook user Steve Robbins commented-
“Hopefully the miners get work also. I mean it’s great for our youth to have employment, but mining seems kind of dangerous as a first job.”
Not only detractors, even Trump supporters also giggled at him. One of the Trump supporter Kim Rubin commented-
“Whoever is writing your copy needs to learn to spell! ‘MINORS’ are children; ‘MINERS’ mine coal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Trump fan, but that doesn’t mean I give glaring mistakes a pass!”
Foolish Trump, gave one more reason to the citizens to make fun of him. This is absolutely hysterical. Trump should check the video before posting it. Maybe the video creator and Trump completed their education from the same school, who knows.
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