Breaking: Crooked Trump Did This To White House, FIR Filed

Donald Trump, US President, who is leader in illegal activities, once again did something illegal which forced the officials to file a case against him. This time the Lawsuit accuses Donald Trump of illegally destroying White House records.
It is to be said that the President was destroying the communications that should be preserved by federal law. Two watchdog groups have sued Donald Trump for using Auto-delete technology as it aims to keep conversations forever hidden from the public.
Such communications could involve correspondence among the President, his aides, advisers, contractors, lobbyists and others. They’re part of a “historical record” that belongs to the public and must be preserved, as mandated by the Presidential Records Act of 2014, notes the suit, which was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The law requires the preservation of communications in the White House and vice president’s office.
The suit states that-
“President Trump and others within the White House are either ignoring or outright flouting these responsibilities,”
While targeting Trump Administration, the CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder said in a statement that-
“The American people not only deserve to know how their government is making important decisions, it’s the law. By deleting these records, the White House is destroying essential historical records.”
Well, it appears that Trump is hiding something. Maybe he is hiding the information which can land him in prison. Previously also Trump did similar kinds of stuff like firing Comey just to save himself. It seems that Trump is using his Presidential Powers in a wrong manner. What do you think?
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