Some Examples That Trump Lied When He Said - I'm Like A Smart Person.

“You know, I’m like a smart person.”- the statement from “Lying” Donald Trump made us suspect that he may not have been right when he said this. When has he spoken a truth? His blatantly stupid words and actions continue to mount evidence that he is far from smart. In fact, so far he has proved that he is not smart enough even to form a full sentence. Here are some examples:
Let's talk about the story of how Trump met with the pastors of two major Presbyterian churches in New York. When Trump said-
“I did very, very well with evangelicals in the polls,”
, the pastors told Trump they were not evangelicals. Curious Trump when asked,
“What are you then?”
, they told him they were mainline Presbyterians. The whole conversation converted into a joke when Trump asked
“But you’re all Christians?”
. Yes, they had to assure him, Presbyterians are Christians. This clearly flashes on the “nonsense” question by the Trump as the whole world knows that Presbyterians are Christians, except Trump.
2. Or the story of how Trump asked the editors of the Economist whether they had ever heard of the phrase “priming the pump.” Yes, they assured him, they had. “I haven’t heard it,” Trump continued. “I mean, I just … I came up with it a couple of days ago, and I thought it was good.” The phrase has been in widespread use since at least the 1930s.
3. Or the story of how, after arriving in Israel from Saudi Arabia, Trump told his hosts,
“We just got back from the Middle East.”
We know you have better things to do than just read about his stupidity which will fill up pages after pages and might just become the biggest joke book for all time!! So, we just leave you with one thought - How long do you plan on being ruled by this fool of a man? You can start making a change right from the midterms. Please go out and vote!!
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