Cuban Reversal: Trump Hit Out At Poor Cubans...

Since Donald Trump took office, he has not done anything praiseworthy as yet. He has taken one questionable decision after another. It seems, at times, that he is not concerned about what is right and what is wrong. But this time Trump decided to hurt Cubans by introducing new Cuba policy. The White House's policy on Cuba may not work out the way it's intended. President Donald Trump's new Cuba policy ends up hurting the people he's trying to help.
Yesterday´s speech in Miami, the President said
"I am "canceling" Obama-era policies that have allowed the Castro regime to profit from tourism. With God's help, a free Cuba is what we will soon achieve"
On Friday, White House revealed that
"New regulations will be drafted that will seek to end the method that many Americans have used to access Cuba legally"
The US embargo technically banned tourism, but the Obama administration relaxed regulations. His administration allowed Americans to visit Cuba under so-called people-to-people travel. But under Trump's policy, Americans pursuing this type of travel would have to go in approved groups. This will hurt Cuba and poor Cubans who were looking at tourism as a new avenue of job creation.
On Friday, Risa Grais-Targow, Latin America director at Eurasia Group told CNBC
"While Trump wants to encourage business with the Cuban people, eliminating individual people-to-people travel undercuts that goal"
She further said
"Those private entrepreneurs on the island have really benefited from increased U.S. travel, so cutting that back is going to hurt them as much as it hurts the government"
We understand that Trump is aware that his new policy will hurt the Cubans rather than helping them. He wants a "free Cuba" but his policy reversal has created obstacles for Cuban people. Instead of encouraging business with the Cuban people, Trump is hurting them with his short-sighted policy. His policy doesn't promote the welfare of the Cuban population not just in Cuba but even here.
What are the ways you see this reversal hitting not just Cuban people and Cuban government but also set back the growing US influence in the Cuban Island.
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