Breaking: What Trump Did On His Birthday Shows What A Beautiful Heart He Has!!

Donald Trump, our dear President, does have a “Big Heart”. This has not been noticed by the Liberals, though. No matter what he has done for the sake of America ever since he has became the President, Liberals have always tried to show President Trump as a big “Negative” which is not true at all.
Yesterday, while practicing baseball at the park in Alexandria, the two officials of Trump namely, Steve Scalise, House Majority and Crystal Griner, a Capitol Police Officer were critically wounded by a Gunman. They were practicing for the upcoming game against their Democratic colleagues. This attack has shocked the nation.
Both were admitted to hospitals immediately and Trump and his deputy Mike Pence took to twitter to show solidarity with their colleagues. And it would have been okay for the President to wait a while before going any further, however, Trump paid a visit to both on the same day. Showing respect, Trump also presented them with flowers. The 66 year old shooter was taken out by the law and he was declared dead on arrival to the hospital.
Moving further, in the light of the incident White House Secretary, Spicer told the reporters that-
[quote]“While the president would like to attend the game and show his support for all of these brave public servants, he has been advised that there is not enough time to follow Secret Service protocols,”[quote].
President Trump Tweeted:
Well, it seems that Trump has a “Big Heart”. But does it influence the Liberals at all? No.
Whether he does one thing or the other, he will be criticized by the Liberals. The reason behind the criticism is “Resist”. Liberals are always quick to brand Donald Trump as a “Threat” to America. Well, it is the GOP and the conservatives who are under threat and we can now openly claim that the only Threat to America that we can see is the “RESIST” movement.
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