SHOCKING: Know-it-all Liberal Corrects The Medical Bulletin And Announces Sen. Scalise Is Alright.

We have often talked about the delusions that the Liberals have been under. One of the delusions that they operate under is that unless you have an anti-Trump handle or profile picture you cannot be right or truthful. The only way you can be truthful is if you are a liberal. Also, Liberals have a deep-rooted belief that anything that they know or "think" has to be the gospel truth.
Here are some examples:
  1. If they dream up a Russian Collusion theory - it is the truth.
  2. If they dream up a marriage trouble for President Trump, it is the truth.
  3. If they think that Obamacare is working then that is the fact, not the news that most marketplaces have one or none insurers left.
  4. If they dream up that Benghazi attacks were because of a Video and there was no way to defend our people... they are right again. 
But how would you feel if someone walked up to you and said that you were wearing a red underwear and then argued you to death that they were right and you were wrong despite the fact that had no way to know what color underwear you wore when you got dressed in the morning. Well, something like that happened yesterday. Look at this exchange on Twitter.
Here is a Liberal "Know-it-all" named Laura Lea Watson who believes she is not Watson, rather Holmes. She seems to have deducted facts that even the doctors operating on Sen. Scalise had no idea of. While the doctors struggled to help the injured Senator, she was able to find out sitting miles away that they were on a fool's errand. There was nothing wrong with Sen. Scalise and he was perfectly alright. 
So, when she saw the MedStar Washington tweet about the condition of the Senator, she corrected them. When she was politely pointed towards the fact that she was arguing with the doctors who were treating the senator, she said that she knew better than the doctors and that was the FACT!!
Where did she get the facts? From CNN or MSNBC who were trying to downplay the whole incident as it were only Republicans who got were the target? Or was it the superpower of being Liberal that gave her the information. We will let you know the exact reason as soon as we are able to get in touch with the Wonder Woman Laura "know-it-all" Lea Watson.
Z: F!
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