How The Left Is Making Violence ACCEPTABLE!!

There has been a lot of talk about how discrimination works in the US and in the light of the recent shooting of the Republican congressmen during a baseball match, this has become a topic worth being explored.
When Donald Trump came to power there was a lot of talk about how many communities including the Latinos the LGBTQ, the African-Americans and many ethnic and social minorities would be in danger of being attacked and persecuted. Do you k ow what the strangest thing is - The only people being attacked and persecuted are the conservatives!
There has not been a single case of shooting at a gathering of LGBTQ brothers and sisters by a conservative individual. 
There has been at least one shooting at a gathering of GOP lawmakers.
No Left wing speaker has been barred from speaking at any forum in this whole wide great nation of ours. 
Right wing speakers have been barred from speaking at numerous platforms and for reasons that make no sense. 
Not one university has given an advisory that if a liberal speaker speaks there will be widespread violence by conservative students.
UC Berkeley openly admitted that Liberal students would in all possibility resort to violence if Ann Coulter spoke at an event on the university campus. 
Not one Liberal lawmaker has been humiliated in public forum on the basis of innuendos and suppositions by a jury of her/his peers. 
Jeff Sessions is being hounded for a meeting with the Russian Diplomat which was a passing meeting in a public forum arranged by Obama Administration - Entrapment?
Not one conservative has done anything more graphic than chant "Lock Her Up"
Snoop Dogg, Kathy Griffin, The Public Theater, and many others have in one way or the other taken delight in perverse picturization of a Donald Trump death. 
This is just the beginning, the violence from the left will grow as their feeble attempt at derailing Trump Presidency keeps failing. It is not just the Snoop Doggs and the Kathy Griffins of the left that are to be blamed. There is enough blame to go around and reach the likes of Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon. A whole generation of liberals is being brainwashed and being converted into a cult. Name me one cult that has not resorted to violence when their rhetoric reaches a crescendo. 
G: F!
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