How Devious Jeff Session Ignored All Questions That Mattered

Yesterday, Jeff Sessions was at his devious best during his testimony. Rather than refusing to appear before the committee and looking like a coward, he appeared before the committee and then did the cowardly act of not answering any question that could implicate him. His master Trump or his master’s master Putin!! Kamala Harris took him to task on this and Senator John McCain had to come for the defense of his friend and fellow GOP deplorable Sessions.
When asked the reason for not being answerable and accountable, he argued that it would be improper for him to disclose “confidential communications” between him and President Donald Trump. This, despite the fact that Trump had not invoked the executive privilege.
After this testimony “The Late Show” tweeted targeting Jeff Sessions for being unanswerable.
It appeared that Senators just wanted to know the discussion between Session and Trump about FBI Director Comey. Any such discussion would have been illegal if Trump’s assertion that Comey was fired because of the Russian investigation was true. As usual, Sessions followed the “No comments” theory.
Sessions was not willing to answer any high-stakes questions. Upon being asked repeatedly about the discussion between Trump and Comey, Session said-
“I have no idea. I have not talked to him about it”
Plausible deniability. This is the oldest trick in the book. And he successfully hid details, Sessions said he couldn’t answer when it came to questions about the improper behavior by Trump on firing Comey.
Well, as of now, we don’t have a clear answer on what actually happened. All because Sessions ignored the questions that were important and needed to be answered.
Sessions should be censored for his dismal performance and his evasive testimony? What do you think?
G: F!
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