Liberals Are Mind Readers And Can See Into The Future (& More Facts)

The most revealing thing we have come to know since the election of President Trump is that Liberals are like X-Men. They have powers we never thought were awarded to mortals by God.
1. They know things that have not happened in this timeline
They know of facts that have never happened. At least not in this timeline. For instance, they know that Trump Administrator will be the end of LGBTQ freedom in the USA. However, in this timeline, the LGBTQ community has not seen even one incident of persecution or prosecution or mass murder of LGBTQ community. Yes, there is an air of doom in the LGBTQ community but not because of something that Trump administrator has done but because of the rhetoric being pushed by Liberal activists and Liberal alt-left media.
2. They know who is speaking the truth and who has lied even before the person has spoken
This is a given. If Trump says anything it could be one of the two – either he has lied or his intentions for speaking the truth are dishonorable. So, essentially the poor man cannot win. If you do not believe me, please see any show moderated by Don Lemon. The talk would go something like this.
Don: I understand that he said that he is right handed but why did he say that?
Guest: This is a very interesting question, Don. The reason seems to be that he wants to have the left-handed people discriminated by his loyal followers.
Another guest: An informed source has told me that more African Americans and More LGBTQ community members are left-handed.
Don: I am not saying this but we can infer that this was a statement against the people of color and of the LGBTQ community.
All Guests: Well, there is nothing else to infer.
3. They can read People’s mind
As you saw in the last conversation above they are able to come to some really analytical and logical conclusions. But beyond that, they can read mind, or at least something very close to it. They are able to find out exactly what a Conservative “Wants to” or is “Aiming to” or is “thinking”.
These powers are invested the most in Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, The View and almost all their guests. All you have to do is see the shows and come back and thank me for pointing it out!!
4. Anything their opposition says is a lie ab initio.
You can say what you want but they will always be false if you are a conservative. If you say that Obamacare has failed because in many counties there are one or fewer insurers in the marketplace, you are lying. If you say that President Clinton meeting Loretta Lynch was icky, you are lying. If you say that Hillary basically said that anyone who believes in Trump is deplorable, you are lying. But when they say that Trump is being paid by Russians, they are speaking the truth. You get my drift. This is what the new reality is of Liberals, we the deplorable conservatives have no defense for it.
G: F!
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