President Macron Made An Announcement, Driving Trump Crazy (Details)

The US President, Donald Trump is not a likable person at all. His irrelevant and foolish decisions show his mental illness. No one is satisfied under his presidency as Trump has no clue how to run the nation and has left many critical decisions to his family.
Trump pulled the US from Paris climate agreement and it was a foolish move. This decision shows that Trump is no longer concern about the nation and environment. But on the other hand French President, Macron is concerned about the environment and future generation.
French President Emmanuel Macron recently launched a website on combatting climate change. Through this website Macron is inviting American scientists to work in France if they feel that they are not properly supported in the United States by the government policies. To add a little insult to the injury, Macron rephrased Trump’s MAGA slogan and coined “Make Our Planet Great Again.”
On June 1, Macron tweeted this invitation to American environmentalists and “responsible citizens” to come and work in France.
The site says, “France is becoming an innovative hub of science, technology, and progress. You may know our research hubs, such as La Sorbonne or Paris-Saclay. These are the places you have to come work in to develop new initiatives for our planet.”
It clearly seems that Macron is very much concern about the environment. He took initiative to protect the environment for future generations. But Trump is not at all concern about the environment and his people. Being selfish, Trump just thinks about himself. When Trump pulled the US from Paris agreement, he put his nation in danger. He doesn't have good leadership quality nor has better decision taking personality.
Trump believed that by pulling out from Paris climate agreement would make America great again, but everyone knows he is on the path of destruction. When will Trump understand his duty towards the nation? When will he come to his senses? What do you think about future of the US under Trump´s presidency?
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