Breaking: The Flynn Associate Who Was Key In Trump's Victory

The way Trump campaign worked has been a mystery with so many people coming in and going out of the team. There is a clear and present danger to the sovereignty of our country based on the revelations that seem to be trickling out of Washington. General Flynn has been disgraced and removed from his cushy job in the White House and yet, all his actions and the actions of his team have had a long term impact on the future of our country based on the victory of Trump which was "manufactured" and not attained.
The individual in question is a Jon Iadonisi, who handled online campaign of Donald Trump and who was paid a handsome amount in the most clandestine way possible. Why? It almost si as if KGB is doing some clandestine activity. Do not believe us?? Read what Washington Post said:
Jon Iadonisi, a friend and business associate of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, had two under-the-radar projects underway in the fall of 2016.
One of his companies was helping Flynn with an investigative effort for an ally of the Turkish government — details of which Flynn revealed only after he was forced to step down from his White House post.
At the same time, Iadonisi was also doing work for the Trump campaign, although his role was not publicly reported, according to people familiar with his involvement.
The project Iadonisi was engaged in for Trump’s campaign focused on social media, according to a person with knowledge of the arrangement. What that work consisted of — and why his company was not disclosed as a vendor in campaign finance reports — remains a mystery.
The Trump campaign did not report any payments to Iadonisi or his firms. However, Federal Election Commission reports show that the Trump campaign paid $200,000 on Dec. 5 for “data management services” to Colt Ventures, a Dallas-based venture-capital firm that is an investor in VizSense, a social-media company co-founded by Iadonisi.
Why not pay Iadonisi directly? Was there an attempt to hide who was doing the actual work? If so, why? When asked about it, the Trump campaign team was not forthcoming with information.
Michael Glassner, executive director of the Trump campaign committee, said invoices show Colt Ventures was paid for a ­social-media project that involved video-content creation and “millennial engagement” in the campaign’s final month. He declined to comment on why the payment went to a venture-capital firm and whether campaign officials were aware of the firm’s connection to VizSense and Iadonisi.
This is illegal and there should be action brought forward based on this information. Even the lawyers agree:
It is common for political vendors to hire subcontractors whose work is not publicly reported. However, campaign committees cannot seek to avoid disclosure by paying an entity that does not have a legitimate relationship with the ultimate recipient, said Washington campaign-finance lawyer Daniel Petalas, who served as the FEC’s acting general counsel and head of enforcement.
This is beyond suspicious. This is clearly an attempt to hide facts and to circumvent the system.
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