UC Berkeley Believes Liberals Will Turn Violent When Ann Coulter Visits

UC Berkeley has admitted that should there be a speaker at the campus that does not toe the lines of the Liberals it is likely that the Liberals will turn violent. This is the first time any university has openly blamed Liberal Students of being intolerant to opposing views and violent and unstable as a mob.
Despite there being sting operations to prove that Democrats incited violence at Trump Rallies, despite Republican offices vandalized during elections and despite a liberal American Citizen saying live on CNN that there will be blood on both sides, the mainstream media has long maintained that the only violent people in America are the White Conservative Christians. This admission by UC Berkeley is an astounding development.
One must remember that Conservatives attending the Milo Yiannopoulos event were pelted stones and molotov cocktails. It was lucky that no one died that day despite the best efforts of Liberal students of UC Berkeley.
Washington Post Reports:
The decisions by UC-Berkeley to cancel both events involving high-profile conservatives are especially notable given the campus’s role during the 1960s and 1970s as the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement and its long tradition of social protest.
The university first made all kinds of ridiculous demands to dissuade Ann from speaking. All of which she accepted in hopes of speaking to and with the young minds of this nation.
Washington Post also said:
Coulter said the university insisted that her speech take place in the middle of the day, that only students could attend and that the exact venue wouldn’t be announced until the last minute. She said that she agreed with the conditions but that apparently wasn’t good enough.
“They just up and announced that I was prohibited from speaking anyway,” Coulter said, noting that her speech topic was to be immigration, the subject of one of her books. “I feel like the Constitution is important and that taxpayer-supported universities should not be using public funds to violate American citizens’ constitutional rights.”
This is quite strange and it will be a turning point so far as exposing Liberals as violent and unstable bunch of intolerant bigots...
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