Liberals Conitnue To Mock Conservatives: And It Shows Their Poor Upbringing

Liberals who are not just sore losers but mean losers (Losers nevertheless), have found a new past time to show how quick witted and smart they are. All it is showing, instead how disrespectful and intolerant they are.
Given their attitude it almost seems that they are enjoying being the losers. They seem to have a lot of fun making other human being feel small. Their behaviour is not just akin a bully, rather it shows how little respect for contrarian views have their parents and teachers instilled in them.
The latest happened when Neil Gorsuch was mocked by a fellow Supreme Court Judge.
Raw Story reported thus:
Monday was Justice Neil Gorsuch’s first day on the bench hearing cases, but it didn’t go well as other Supreme Court justices were quick to put him in his place.
The case was about federal workers who lost their jobs. Lawyer Chris Landau, representing a Census Bureau worker, said his client was hardly “breaking any new ground” with his suit and argued that it should be allowed to move forward to court. Gorsuch outright called Landau a liar.
“No, just to continue to make it up,” Gorsuch said, according to Bloomberg.
Fellow Justice Elena Kagan nailed Gorsuch for his behavior and led the court into laughter at his expense.
“This would be kind of a revolution — I mean, to the extent you can have a revolution in this kind of case,” she said.
G: F!
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