Trump Comes Out In Support Of Dictatorship!!

As Donald Trump botches up everything going on the world... Turkey is fast on the track of becoming a dictatorship. As a moderate islamic nation turkey stood out because it balanced being a Islamic country and being a country of impeccable Human Rights.
All of that changed somewhere around the time Erdogan took to power. He saw that his country although relatively peaceful, was surrounded by countries that were in turmoil. There was a sense of fear in the public and they were looking for a tough leader who would take tough decisions to protect them.
The transition was slow in the beginning. As time went by Erdogan began asserting himself on the system and this referendum has brought some unprecedented power.
Per PBS, the referendum will:
“…result in abolishing the office of prime minister and allowing the president to draft the budget, issue decrees, and appoint judges without parliamentary approval… Opponents charge the changes will lead to authoritarian, one-man rule, and they have already begun challenging the results.”
So, what does our erudite president do? Does he look at the facts and make an informed decision. No. As usual he has little or no faith in facts... He simply picked up the phone and congratulated Erdogan on a successful transition from democracy to dictatorship.
The world will be a much more unsafe place to be in with a hardliner Islamic Turkey. It will take away a large part of what works and replace it with something that will make a sizable population of Christians and Jews in Turkey go through hell. Much like Christians and Hindus go through in a hardliner country like Pakistan.
This phone call from Donald Trump is a scary reminder that he thinks Dictatorship is a natural and god thing. One that he would be against at all.
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