Trump Is Being Outfoxed By China - ON TRADE!!

When Trump started his campaign for the President of the United States his big pitch was - "I will make great deals." Of course, he lied.
His first big challenge on international front should have been North Korea but he reached there via Syria and reached there with no plan in his head what so ever. I can almost imagine the look on the face of top military leaders when he must have told them, "I asked Jared to have the'Armada' moved towards North Korea. Come up with a plan for North Korea in next 24 hours. And it better be Brilliant!!"
China has been waiting to make a complete ass of Donald Trump since he took office. They have obviously not seen that Trump needs no help in making a complete ass of himself. So, when Xi visited Trump he had a simple message - Stop calling us currency manipulators and we might help you in taming North Korea. Xi also made clear that he might do something - he was not promising anything. So, this is how Trade with China suddenly became a good thing and China reformed and became "not a currency manipulator".
And, this is how Trump negotiated his way from being a "failure" to be a "utter and complete failure".
Z: F!
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