Donald Trump And The Art Of War!!

The world is getting more unstable by the minute. In Russia the Foreign Ministers of Russia, Iran and Syria are meeting and there may be a new coalition developing.
Trump has been largely unsuccessful in his Presidency till now and his latest postures in Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea are being viewed just as another image building exercise.
As reported by New Republic
What we do know is that Trump received enormous amounts of praise across the political spectrum after he ordered the bombing of a Syrian airfield last week. He has basked in the adoration, coming after months of nothing but terrible press for his numerous political failures and embarrassments. It’s not hard to imagine that Trump, who is struggling with record-low approval ratings, took one lesson from that operation: Bombing foreign countries is an easy way to boost one’s popularity.
Nothing can be consistent with what Trump said. Because for every thing that he has said, he has also said the opposite. He said that he was not interested in being the policeman of the world and then he said he would finish ISIS off. You cannot do the later without being the policeman of the world. So, if you ask a liberal he will say it is not consistent with his promises and the conservatives will disagree.
Even China has not gone out to call Trump on his military move against North Korea. This is because the silence works in China's favor. North Korea is dependent on China as it is only country in the world which will make any concessions. This message that is being sent to North Korea by Trump will make them run to China and such requests for help make China increasingly essential in North Korean plans.
Other countries are waiting and watching. They do not want to get on the wrong side of Trump, who is increasingly being seen as an unstable leader, capable of actions that defy logic.
The world is on the brink of a nuclear war. Have no doubts about it. The only way we can make the threat go down is if someone is able to break through to Donald Trump. We do not see that happening anytime soon.
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