Steve Bannon Implies Ivanka Has Lovers Outside Marriage

As per reports coming in, Steve Bannon has said, and doubled down on his claim that Jared Kushner is a Cuckold, a term used for someone whose wife is playing outside the marriage. Whether this is just an amplification of "hen Pecked " Husband or if it is something that Bannon really meant when he said it, is anyone's guess.
Bannon, unlike trump, is a man of words. He has been the editor of Breitbart and in general is considered a grade one bigot, but an educated bigot with excellent communication skills. Conservatives will be quick to point out that he let his fists do the talking in his marriage, but even physical violence communicates a lot - about anger management issues. And now we come to the anger that Bannon is feeling towards Kushner.
Kushner has never been a big fan of Bannon. Trump kids have been, but not Kushner. Trump is using Kushner as his go to guy, something that Bannon thought he was going to be. This jealousy might have caused him to question Ivanka Trump's sexual escapades outside marriage. Whichever way you look at it, Bannon clearly meant that Ivanka Trump is Cheating on her husband and he is accepting the fact and eating humble cream-pies.
The way that Ivanka looked at the Canadian PM is also being brought out as an example and terms like Man-Eater are being associated with her, without real proof.
What do you think, could Ivanka be stepping out on her marriage?
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