Lame Excuse From Liberals: They Did It First!!

The one reason that every Democratic respresntative will offer is -¨They were the one that started with the SCOTUS madness. By blocking Obamaś Nominee¨
I know this statement well. I should... I am sure I invented it!! Well, not really, I am sure at the begining of civilized world when Homo Sapiens and Nanderthals lived together one Homo Sapien or a Neanderthal said, ¨He threw the first stone.¨ and the result? No Neanderthals roaming the earth anymore. Except if you listen to Liberals who believe that anyone who did not vote for Hillary is a Neanderthal waiting to pull his favorite female by the hair into a cave!!
Liberalsism is often confused by non-liberals as ¨Pluralism¨. Well, that is not the truth. Liberals are just entitled whiney kids. Kids always blame that the other kid started it, when caught. This is what Liberals are doing. Gorsuch is a terrific candidate. Agreed, he is not a liberal, but why would a conservative government appoint a liberal to the Supreme Court?
But what if the Conservatives give the same excuse of hey started it?” Will I be okay with it? No. I do not think this is a valid argument. If you go back to 2013, a lifetime ago it seems, when Democrats controlled the Senate under President Obama. When Faced with a blockade of the president’s appeals court and executive branch nominees, democrats changed the rules to bar filibusters for such positions. So, if today, Republicans do something similar then by liberal logic it should be acceptable because it has a valid reason – They started it”
Laws and procedures are in place for a reason but for Liberals laws that do not suit their needs are to be broken and laws that can be changed to suit their needs must be changed.
If the “precidence” of releasing taxes was sacrosant then why is the law regarding immigration not?
If there should be complete transparency from the political leaders then why defend a cagey Hillary?
Well, whoever started it, the partisan divide is being turned into a canyon by unbending and unaccepting liberals. SCOTUS nomination has the potential to split the country into two. Trust me when I tell you that someday soon a Liberal lower court judge will refuse to take directions from a Supreme Court Ruling becaue according to them the Supreme Court judge was “not their Supreme Court Judge” much like Trump is not their President and somewhere in their liberal universe there is a President Hillary Clinton ruling a USA where hate is history!!
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