Trump Shows What A Petty Man He Is!!

Donald Trump is a prime example that money cannot buy you class. There is little doubt in the minds of the American Public that he is a rude, crude man. Even his greatest supporters admire him for his brashness. But this does not excuse what he did today.
He has still not come to terms with the fact that he is not on a reality show anymore and he has a much larger role to play in not just the narrative today but even in the future history of this country. When he was just a TV star or a candidate his actions reflected just on himself. All of this changed the moment he became the President of the United States of America. What he has to think of now is how his actions reflect on the office that he holds.
He has time and again used the platform to lie and some say, even to cheat. He has belittled people and races as the President. This time he has snubbed another powerful world leader.
Chancellor Angela Merkel who visited the White House saw his petty nature when he refused to shake hand for a photo opportunity. He has also severely depleted the grants to the UN because the UN twitter handle campaigned against him. Such actions do not bode well for our country.
G: F!
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