Trump Is Hiding From The Press

Ever since the un-mandated POTUS Donald Trump has leveled the accusation against President Obama, Trump is missing in action. Well, he is seen through the window of the white house doing something or the other but he has not faced the press or given any statement. This could be because he knows that his allegations have bearing in the truth.
Trump has not provided any evidence of the claim, and meanwhile, a spokesperson for Obama denied that he or any White House official called for the surveillance on Trump Tower.
The White House has asked that an investigation of the alleged wiretaps be part of the probe into Russia’s interference in the presidential election. This could be to confuse and complicate the matter. An investigation which in parts is looking for truth and in part looking for pure fiction is bound to fail because the fiction part will find no corroboration or even a beginning point!!
Trump is in hiding because he does not have the answers to the questions that face him. This is quite unlike President Obama who never walked away from a tough question.
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