Making Of A Vice President!!

  • October 5, 2016
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This is not a normal election. There is no historic precedence that can be taken into account while analyzing this debate. We have two most disliked Presidential candidates in the history of the United States. Our country is divided on the basis of party lines, color of skin, color of uniform, religion and many other dividing factors that have seemly surfaced in the aftermath of this vicious campaign cycle from both sides. One candidate thinks that half of the followers of the opponents are deplorables and irredeemables and the other one thinks your country of origin has a significant impact on who you are as an individual.
In all this clamor we were hoping to see the vice-presidential candidates to be the deciding factor or at least the influencing factor in these elections. That is what the American people were waiting for when they started watching these debates. It was about broadening the base of voters as well as influencing the fence sitters. After I finished watching the debate my reaction was – This was a lost opportunity for both the vice-presidential candidates, a little more was lost by Kaine than by Pence though.
Extension or Compliment? – What do you want to see when you have two disliked candidates on the top of the ballot? You see how much you like the one at the bottom of the ballot. This has been one of the reason for Johnson to be doing so well in the polls. Gary Johnson is looked upon as a goofball by most of the people who are not libertarians. Weld on the other hand has wider acceptance in republicans than all other five major names – Clinton, Kaine, Trump, Pence or Johnson. Weld is also liked by fence sitting Democrats who see his as more of middle path then a right-winged politician.
Kaine came out looking like a mini-Clinton (a la mini-me). He spoke her words, he used her analogies, he was towing the message that Clinton has been hammering for the last 30 odd years (barring her pivots one some issues like same-sex marriage, TPP and NAFTA). He would have been the flavor of the month had her message been enough to bring in more independent voters or fence sitters. But it is not!! What he needed to do was to balance the ticket. You need a Vice-President who will not just toe the line but one who will go into a brainstorming session in the white House and actually argue with the President. We need diverse ideas on the table.
Pence was his own man and he was able to bring his ideas on Putin which were contrary to the narrative of Trump and yet, not outright denounce the Trump stand. Watching him you knew that this guy will be a yang to the yin and not a simple extension. If you do not agree with the policy of Trump you know that a conservative like Pence will pull him to a more conservative position if needed. I think this allayed the fears of many strong conservatives who were not sure that the ticket was conservative enough for them.
Future Presidents– Both these candidates will be the VP to perhaps the oldest Presidents to take office for the first time. I just saw the first episode of “Designated Survivor” a few weeks back. What struck me most was how Secretary Kirkland became his own man as President Kirkland. In order to be the POTUS, you need not have any baggage of the previous administration’s policies weighing down on you. You will be without the speaking points of your predecessor when you inherit the presidency due to the death of the president.
Kaine had the opportunity to assure the country that he was up to the job. He did so in the beginning with his long resume of public offices but he did not show it in his actions. His actions were that of an over-eager bully than that of a president. He kept on using the exact same words that Clinton has used in the past. That is one reason why his performance at the debate has been called “Too Rehearsed”. It is neither here nor there that he was rehearsed. It was that we had heard it all before!! He offered us nothing new – nothing his own, nothing to take away as his stamp on Presidency if he gets it eventually. Pence on the other hand was very much his own man. Every time that he refused to defend Trump, he was signaling that lets talk issues, not insults and he enunciated such by calling Clinton/Kaine campaign as a campaign of hate!! Kaine’s behavior proved him right on the spot.
So, Kaine came out as someone who would have the exact same thought as President Clinton in a Crisis and Pence came out as a person who would argue the merit of a case with President Trump come the time.
Write in your views and let us know what you thought of the debate and we will make a difference together in this divisive elections.
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