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Don’t panic just yet where Trumpcare is concerned, as both Republican and Democratic senators are now wisely saying the bill is dead on arrival in the Senate. I guess they don’t call the Senate the “conscious of the nation” for nothing, right?
First things first, though: why in the world did the House GOP vote on a toxic bill they KNOW will damn them in the 2018 midterm elections if they knew Trumpcare was going to be immediately pronounced dead in the Senate? That’s the question Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer is already hammering away at.
“To my moderate Republican colleagues in the House, I ask, ‘Why would you risk a yes vote for a bill that is devastating to your constituents and has virtually a minuscule chance, virtually no chance of becoming law?'” Schumer said. “The reality is Trumpcare cannot pass the Senate.”
And don’t just take Schumer’s “Democratic” word for it, either. Senator Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., not only said that the Senate would be scrapping the House’s version of Trumpcare and starting from scratch, he also threw some major shade at his Republican peers in the lower chamber of Congress.
“The Senate will carefully review the House bill, and now we’ll go to work on a Senate bill,” Alexander said. “There is an urgency, but we want to get it right. There’ll be no artificial deadlines…we will make sure we know what our bill costs when we vote on it.”
Ah, sweet, sweet intra-Republican squabbles. Alexander is clearly taking swipes at the fact his peers in the House, led by Paul Ryan, had a) an outrageous artificial deadline, and b) didn’t wait for the Congressional Budget Office to “score” the projected costs and results of Trumpcare.
So for now, the good news is that the House’s Trumpcare 2.0 bill is pretty much being tossed aside by Senate Republicans. These Senators will surely consult the House’s bill, but they’ll likely moderate most if not all of the House’s most nightmarish provisions.
Everyone knows there’s long been a rivalry between the “classier” Senate and the “anything-goes” House. Thus, when it comes to rewriting Trumpcare from scratch, you essentially have the Senate telling their lower chamber peers they’re total idiots.
For now, we’ll just have to see where the Senate takes this bill from here. And the only direction is up, since the House’s version of Trumpcare is literally rock bottom.
The only thing the House GOP’s done is DOOM their chances in the 2018 midterm elections. From a purely strategic standpoint, they’re definitely among the dumbest politicians America’s ever had.
Should Trumpcare die in the Senate?
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As much as we wish Trump’s presidency was just one big nightmare, we have to wake up, face the reality of our situation, and fight accordingly. Let’s make sure Trump controls NEITHER house of Congress in 2018 and beyond.
America is too great to cede to Trump’s toxic vision for the nation. For the good of American society, we must do everything in our power to make sure Trump is ousted from the White House immediately.
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