0 2170 0 April 21, 2017
Now that Ivanka Trump is a member of the State Department, despite having no qualifications and landing an ethics complaint before even starting, Trump is going to send her places where she will represent—and most likely embarrass—the United States.
Her first assignment is a big one too—she’s representing the U.S. at the Women’s G20 summit in Germany. Sending Ivanka Trump is not just a bad decision because of the obvious nepotism, but also because she is one of the worst female representatives to speak about empowering women. She isn’t a diplomat, she has no foreign policy experience, and she’s not a feminist either.
What she cares most about is the IVANKA brand. Not only is she going as a U.S. representative, but she’s also representing her products that have been plagiarized from other designers. This makes her participation in a panel discussion about women’s economic empowerment even more problematic. Not only is she stealing designs, but she also seems to be making deals with China too.
This isn’t the first time Trump’s nepotism was more important than America’s representation. He also sent Jared Kushner to Iraq, where he was clearly out of place. And this was just in the first three months. We’ll be seeing these two sent to many places they have no business going to.
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