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The news cycle has moved on from President Trump’s collusion with Russia, but reporter Keith Olbermann isn’t about to let it go. According to Olberman, there is a tape that proves that Trump worked with Russia to steal the presidential election.
Olbermann’s video references two news stories. The first is a story from the Guardian about how UK intelligence may already have proof of Trump’s collusion with Russia.
Olbermann quotes the article, “‘They now have specific, concrete, and corroborative evidence of collusion,’ the source said. ‘This is between people in the Trump campaign and agents of [Russian] influence relating to the use of hacked material.’”
This is a bombshell claim from a source in the UK. Apparently, the UK knows more about Trump’s coordination with Russia than our own FBI and CIA.
Then Olbermann moved on to another report concerning Carter Page. He referenced another bombshell claim, this time from Louise Mensch’s Patribotics blog.
The blog says that Page went to Russia last July with a pre-recorded tape of Trump. Trump allegedly says in the tape that if he wins the election, he’ll change U.S. policy to make it more favorable to Russia and President Vladimir Putin.
Trump then asked Russia to interfere in the U.S. elections in exchange for his future help. Apparently, Russia decided to take Trump up on his offer.
According to Mensch, The FBI and CIA tried to get a FISA warrant to monitor Trump and his cronies Page, Paul Manafort, and Boris Epshteyn. But this application was denied because it specifically named Trump and his associates.
“Sources close to the intelligence community now report that this application was made because a recording exists of all three men discussing the possibility of Page taking the tape of Trump to Moscow as an earnest of good faith,” Mensch wrote. “There is a minor dispute over whether Trump himself is also on that tape, as well as the tape that was delivered to Moscow by Carter Page of Trump making this promise.”
So a tape may exist that proves Trump worked with the Russians to hack the election. We could finally impeach Trump if we could get our hands on this tape.
The FBI has hard evidence that Russia interfered in our last election to get Donald Trump elected.
There is also circumstantial evidence that the Trump administration worked directly with Russia.
Did Trump commit treason with Russia? Share your thoughts in the poll below.
We already know that some of Trump’s associates have worked with Russia in the past. General Michael Flynn has worked with Russia, and he was fired for lying about is talks with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.
Paul Manafort also worked on behalf of Putin to improve his image in the West. Carter Page is under investigation for his connections to the Russian government.
Trump himself has multiple nefarious connections to the Russian elite. For example, Trump worked with Russian businessmen that have connections to the Russian mob.
There are also rumors that the Russian mob bailed out some of his businesses. Trump also placed some of his companies in a known Russian tax haven.
Let’s not forget that prominent Russians own several of Trump’s properties as well. The Trump team’s ties with Russia run very deep.
Olbermann’s claim that there’s a tape proving Trump’s collusion with Russia could be a turning point in this investigation. Please share this story on Facebook if you think that Trump is guilty of treason.
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