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As Democrat Jon Ossoff became a favorite in today’s Georgia special election, someone stole voting machines in the district. It looks like Republicans have taken their practice of stealing elections a little too literally.
Thieves took the voting machines from a Cobb County precinct manager’s vehicle on Saturday. However, the precinct manager failed to report the burglary quickly.
“It is unacceptable that the Cobb County Elections Office waited two days to notify my office of this theft,” Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp said in a statement. As the election draws near, two days is a lot of time to waste.
“We have opened an investigation, and we are taking steps to ensure that it has no effect on the election tomorrow. I am confident that the results will not be compromised,” Kemp stated.
Georgia’s Channel 2 Action News reported that the four machines stolen were Express Poll Machines. Poll workers use the machines to check-in voters and check out those who cast ballots.
Cobb County Elections Director Janine Eveler said that information on the machines is “hard to access,” adding that they cannot be used to fraudulently vote in Tuesday’s election. Eveler also said that the county will replace the machines before the vote.
The election in Georgia is to fill the seat vacated by Tom Price after his selection as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Price won the district by more than twenty points in 2016, but things may change in the special election.
Democrats state that the election is a referendum on Donald Trump and his policies. The party is funding Ossoff heavily.
A win for Ossoff would help the Resistance gain momentum and show that Americans are DONE with Trump and anyone who supports him.
The all-party election is one in which any candidate can win outright with 50 percent of the vote. If no candidate gets 50 percent, then the top two will face each other in a run-off election.
Democrats hope that Ossoff can win since there are a number of Republicans seeking the position. If voters scatter their ballots among the Republican candidates, Ossoff has a good chance of winning.
That’s what makes the timing of the theft so suspicious. It comes at a time that Ossoff’s polling numbers show him as having a good chance to win.
And Republicans in the district fear that their candidates could lose. Is it possible that Republicans could be behind the theft of the four machines?
Do you think Republicans are behind this theft?
Republicans have a right to worry about this election. Trump’s policies and campaign lies show him as an ineffective, unpopular, untrustworthy leader.
And Republicans came close to losing a special election in Kansas. While the Republican candidate won, it was a close race in a very red, conservative district.
And the anger shown to Republicans during town hall meetings showed a general dislike for Trump and his policies. Is it possible that Republicans took the machines to sabotage the elections?
It is not beyond Republicans to stoop so low as to sabotage elections. Gerrymandering is the perfect example of what Republicans are willing to do to steal elections.
Republicans are also good at compromising voting machines, possibly stealing voting machines, and voter-restrictive ID laws. But the good news is that Democrats are finally fighting back.
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