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Rachel Maddow has been ripping Trump apart and getting record ratings while she does it. In fact, she’s beating her chief competition, Tucker Carlson of Fox News, in the covered 25-54 demographic. Fox News is starting to feel the pressure, and are throwing a temper tantrum against Maddow in an attempt to discredit her.
Their biggest gripe is that Maddow is spending too much time covering Donald Trump’s Russian ties. In their report, they cite an analysis by The Intercept that says that Maddow spends 53% of her show covering the Russian investigation. They even began counting the minutes:
“Just last night, Maddow reported for 19 minutes (video above) on a Guardian report which stated that British spies alerted U.S. intelligence as early as late 2015 about contacts between Trump’s campaign and Russian intelligence.”
(Yes, they did post the video for people to watch, giving Maddow even more viewership.)
Their only defense of why she is wrong, as a news anchor, to cover the news, was because “President Trump has repeatedly branded it “fake news,” followed by his tweet:
Not only, as a business that depends on ratings, would it be illogical to expect Maddow to stop covering the scandal when it’s giving her high ratings, but it’s anti-journalistic. A news network, and the journalists that represent it, are supposed to cover a news story as thoroughly as possible. Fox is mad that she is doing a better job, and is essentially telling her “Dad told you to stop!”
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