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Tens of thousands of protestors across the country have come together to demand Donald Trump’s tax returns. The Resistance is in full force and Trump will be exposed.
Over the campaign and during his presidency so far, Trump has insisted that people do not care about his tax returns. Once again, the people have proven Donald Trump WRONG.
In fact, one of the major organizers of this protest, MoveOn.org, insists that this is a high priority for their members. “When we check in with our members, this is something they care about deeply,” said Ben Wikler, the group’s Washington director said.
Several progressive groups have banded together to organize this massive, worldwide protest they call “Tax March.” Although the many groups have different focuses and goals, they have one thing in common: they DEMAND to uncover Trump’s tax returns.
Although Presidents and presidential candidates have released tax returns for four decades, Trump refuses to follow these footsteps. The only possible explanation for this bizarre behavior is that he is hiding something sinister.
Of course, when the President of the United States is hiding something, it affects the whole world. That’s why protests are expected not only in major U.S. cities like New York and Los Angeles but also in cities across Europe and Asia.
In total, 150 cities will see protests today. The world will use one unified voice to say, “Donald Trump, show us your tax returns.”
The timing of the Tax March is no accident. Today is April 15th, the day when taxes are typically due across the U.S.
This year, the filing date was pushed back to Tuesday. However, the organizers kept the Saturday date so that more people could participate.
Should Trump release his tax returns?
In order to have a free government, we must know who our elected officials really work for. In order to know that about Trump, we must see where his money comes from.
Do you think Trump should just release the damn returns? Tell him by voting in the poll below.
If everything is peachy in his returns, why wouldn’t Trump release them? After all, this administration is bogged down with MANY scandals.
If everything is on the up-and-up, releasing his tax returns would just get rid of one scandal for him. So there must be some truly awful things hidden in those returns.
That’s exactly why the American people must see Trump’s returns. We DESERVE to know if he’s working for us or someone else.
Our bet is that he’s really working for Russia. And those returns will prove it.
The Resistance is just getting started. Show your support by participating in these marches, if you can.
Whether or not you march today, make sure to let everyone know what’s happening. Resistance starts with knowledge.
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