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Donald Trump didn’t want the American people to know he was golfing again this weekend, but CNN caught the president in the act thanks to some resourceful reporting. Seriously, how much vacationing does one man need in the span of just four months?
So far, Trump has outrageously spent 23 out of his 84 days as president vacationing on the taxpayer’s dime, and this weekend is no different. Courtesy of CNN’s Jay McMichael, we now have photo evidence that Trump is officially golfing AGAIN this weekend.
The sick thing is that McMichael had to camp out in the bushes at Mar-a-Lago for hours just to catch the photo through a small hole in the brush. Sounds more like National Geographic stalking an elusive animal than a White House press reporter trying to photograph the president.
It speaks to the unprecedented suppression of the free press by the Trump administration that a CNN reporter has to hide in the bushes for hours just to snap a photo of the president. Could you imagine what the GOP would’ve said if Obama denied the press access like Trump is doing now?
The main difference, though, is that Obama wasn’t trying to hide anything, so he didn’t have to worry about preventing reporters from being around him. Trump KNOWS that his constant golfing vacations are WRONG, and that’s why he’s trying to hide.
So long as there is freedom of the press in America, though, there will be someone willing to camp out in the bushes to photograph the Orange Tyrant. This time it just happened to be CNN’s Jay McMichael, and good for him for doing it.
The American people DESERVE to know that Trump is treating the U.S. treasury like a piggy bank for his luxury lifestyle. He’s spent $20 MILLION in U.S. tax dollars in 2017 on golfing ALONE.
With this level of DISGUSTING abuse of the American people going on, it’s no wonder Trump’s trying to hide his ridiculously excessive golf outings. Is it any surprise that Trump hates the media when it’s the media that continues to expose his horrifying abuses?
Worse yet, we know for a fact that Trump’s not going to be doing ANY work this weekend. A White House aide has anonymously confirmed that “No Trump senior staff are on Air Force One, and none are meeting him in Florida this Easter weekend.”
Trump is clearly too invested in recreation to be a competent president. He’d rather spend his time golfing and watching TV all day, and then oppressing the press in an attempt to HIDE his derelictions of duty.
Do you think Trump is lazy and incompetent?
What’s your take? Is Trump too lazy or too incompetent to be President? Both?
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We need a president who’s willing to work. You can bet that if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders were president, they’d be working tirelessly right now to better the lives of the American people, and they sure as hell wouldn’t be trampling all over the rights of media.
We can’t let Trump get away with suppressing the free press, folks. We have to keep the pressure up on Trump by raising awareness against his abuses.
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