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Alec Baldwin may be donning the orange wig longer than he originally planned.
The actor, who has seen a major career revitalization since impersonating Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, said back in March that he didn’t intend to do it much longer. Now, it seems he’s changing his tune.
“It’s something that I would do, and in all likelihood, I will do, but I have no idea where I’m going to be in September and October,” he told Gothamist in a new interview. “The [43rd] season starts in early October, and the point is, if I’m in Rome doing a film, no, I’m not flying back here on Saturday night to do the show. While I was in town, and while this worked, it was great. It was a great experience. If I’m around I’ll do it, but who knows where we’re going to be.”
Baldwin has made 16 appearances as the Donald since his debut last October, most recently last weekend, when he pulled double duty as Donald Trump and threw in an uncanny Bill O’Reilly impression for good measure. It was a welcome return after SNL had been off the air for nearly all of March.
While Baldwin has said he was initially reluctant to take the role, he acknowledged that it has been a “career renewal” for him — a fact that dovetails nicely with the recent release of his memoir Nevertheless. He said he doesn’t have any illusions that his portrayal of Trump will change anyone’s mind (given that he stepped into the role only several weeks prior to the election), but he does hope that his continued performance makes a difference.
Read the full interview over at Gothamist. Baldwin, whose voice talents can currently be heard in The Boss Baby, will next be seen in Blind, Downsizing, and the sixth Mission Impossible film.
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