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She's done playing nice with our dangerous president.
One person has been killed and 19 others injured in the predictably violent turn taken by white supremacists at a rally that began last night in Charlottesville, Virginia.
President Trump made no public mention of the violence until the afternoon when a pair of tweets made vague mention of the atrocities but failed to condemn the perpetrators or the fires of racism that he flamed. At 3:00 pm, the only specific mention he made to the events was to tweet “but Charlottesville sad!”
In stark contrast to Trump’s cowardly cop out, Hillary Clinton tweeted a thoughtful and profound thread. She demonstrated compassion and strength, calling out Trump’s shameful abdication of his responsibilities to the American public but refraining from direct attacks that could inflame further divisions.
This is a show of leadership that has been missing from the White House since January 20. Thank you, Hillary Clinton for being among the leaders who continue to provide the grace and strength our country so desperately needs.
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