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On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate Select Committee On National Intelligence met with members of the intelligence community to investigate Russian Hacking & U.S. Elections. Where Director Of The FBI James Comey dealt with three questions offered by Minority Leader Democratic Senator Mark Werner of Virginia.
According to sources, the questions were about the Russians interfering with the U.S. presidential election and aired on C-Span 2. Werner wanted to know the extent of the Russian hacking, Russian fake news, and Russian agents’ contact with the Trump campaign.
Then, Oregon’s Senator Ron Wyden asked about Russian contacts with people associated with the Trump campaign.
This was followed by Wyden asking the FBI Director if he would have an official response before Trump’s inauguration.
‘This is related to the American people. Will you release an unclassified response before January 20th? They have a right to know.’
Comey replied: ‘I can’t comment on an ongoing investigation.’
Independent Senator Angus King of Maine tried to clarify Comey’s response.
‘Is the FBI investigating connections between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives?’
To which Comey replied: ‘I didn’t say one way or another. We never confirm or deny an ongoing investigation.’
King noted that Comey’s statement was “ironic.”
Moreover, Marco Rubio stated:
‘This was a means to an end. Russians took active measures to manipulate, discredit, sow seeds of doubt about the validity of the election. ‘
General Clapper confirmed that: ‘Highly classified, classified, and public. The sources and methods are not revealed, to protect them.’
It appears that this is a situation is full of the possibility of political blackmail. The committee revealed that Comey will remain silent until after Trump is in office. Should he be brought up on charges for lying by omission?
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