3 3205 0 January 11, 2017
Trump and his cohort and his cadre of cretins are a bunch of slimeballs and liars and that’s all been clear since day one. The problem is, a lot of people don’t see that, and it’s likely to get worse as he shuts out the real press and instead privileges the bigoted views of lunatics who already like him, such as Alex Jones and Breitbart.
And as Trump continues to escalate his attack, the importance…nay, the necessity of independent journalism becomes ever more clear. And that’s why these young progressive indie journalists are making such a storm in their coverage of the burgeoning era of Trump. They are clearly the next group of journalists to keep an eye on…if you haven’t checked them out already, you should do now.
Especially when he continues to associate with and even promote known liars! The former CEO of Exxon Mobil, one of the most profitable corporations in the history of the world, Rex Tillerson is already proving himself to be a liar and a fraud while under oath at his own confirmation hearing.
Given that Tillerson has a long history of doing business with the Russian government, he was grilled relentlessly about his association with the despot-run nation. Tillerson was also questioned about Trump’s close Russian ties and the presidential election being stolen due to Russia’s influence. In standard fare, Tillerson attempted to dodge and evade all relevant questions.
When questioned, Tillerson deftly responded, “I have never lobbied against sanctions. To my knowledge, Exxon never directly lobbied against sanctions.” Even the Republican in charge of the hearing couldn’t abide this blatant lie, and he called it out. Are you all for hearing the truth in these times of lies and misinformation? If so, support this top-notch group of young progressive journalists and take their call to action today!
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