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When it comes to dealing damage to the liberal media, there’s no one more suited and ready to fight than Tomi Lahren. She spoke out against the divisive Black Lives Matter movement, she wasn’t afraid of tackling Obama’s cowering to radical Islam, and she absolutely destroyed the entitled child and liberal darling known as Colin Kaepernick.
However, she’s gotten chewed out by the liberal media throughout the election cycle for it, as the media was quick to call her epic rants racist and xenophobic. To clear the air, she was invited on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (who is an unfunny joke thief with an accent). What Noah didn’t expect was for Lahren to take him to task on everything he said.
Notice how every time she states a fact based on statistics (like how a police officer is 18.5 times more likely to get shot by a black man than vice versa), he changes the subject and brings it back to his feelings on the matter.
His liberal audience is only too happy to cheer and boo like a bunch of trained seals, even when what she says is absolutely on point and backed by the liberals’ worst nightmare – reality. Here’s the exchange and judge for yourself who’s on the right side of history:
If you’re with me and like everyone else with a brain, Lahren brought facts with her, and all Noah could do is appeal to emotion, making things about race, when Lahren repeatedly said that race in any case was absolutely irrelevant.
This is the difference between those who are taught how to think and come to their own conclusions, and those, like Noah, who simply tell you what to think, and anyone who thinks differently is branded a racist, homophobe, or whatever other buzz word they can think of.
However, as Noah admitted, the conservative silent majority who had had enough of identity politics won, and hopefully this toxic thread that brand half of America as evil will surely stop. For now, we’ll be happy seeing these take downs.
Keep it up, Tomi.
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